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Bucked Up

Vitamin C Gummies 120 servings,

Vitamin C Gummies 120 servings,

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We’re at that time where the things we loved as youth are (finally) making comebacks. Tie dye. Acid wash. Synth-rock. Bucked Up cruised that train of thought to a powerful discovery; something was missing - important vitamins that complement a healthy lifestyle and deliver edible delight.

Introducing...Bucked Up Vitamin C Gummies. All the benefits of Vitamin C just got tastier. Enjoy the gummy goodness, and reap the wellness rewards. Because we’re bringing back all the yabbas, dabbas, and doos from your childhood.

  • Supports a healthy heart*
  • Blood pressure management*
  • May aid in preventing iron deficiency*
  • Immune system*
  • Super soldier serum*
  • Powerful neuroprotection properties*
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