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Bucked Up

Elderberry Gummies 30 servings.

Elderberry Gummies 30 servings.

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Bucked Up Elderberry Gummies are a powerful fusion of ancient wisdom, health studies, and childlike cravings. A beautiful synergy of all three worlds, Elderberry has been used for ages for its potent healing properties. Now backed by science, the once esoteric Elderberry gains popularity for its many benefits: heart health, immune function, nerve function to name a few.*

We took it one step further. In Gummy form, you can finally enjoy reaping the benefits of this life-enhancing Elderberry.

  • Supports Heart Health: Rich in flavonoids, which are powerful phytonutrients.*
  • Immune Function Fortification: Loaded with antibacterial and anti-infectious qualities.*
  • Promotes Proper Nerve Function: Behold, one of the many powers of zinc.*
  • May Aid Fat Loss: Abundant in anthocyanin compounds that stabilize metabolism when combined with exercise.*
  • Respiratory & Throat (chakra??) Health: Scientifically speaking, as well as, for our yogis, energetically speaking.*


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